Why Site Personalization? Why Now?

Following the herd, is part of the human nature. Once trends evolve, its only a matter of time until you will encounter them, and in many cases become a part of them.

Some recent trends popping to my mind while writing these lines include: Bitcoin, Game of Thrones, Billions and Justin Bieber.

If you are in E-Commerce, a trend youve probably heard about is Site Personalization. Like many opportunities on your table it sounds like a good idea, but deep inside you probably wonder: What does it really do? Will it really help my business grow? How much time, efforts and resources would I need to invest in it?

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Ecommerce personalization word cloud

5 Steps to More Personalized E-Commerce Strategy

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

Not that long ago, a savvy retail salesperson could size up customers by their shoes, belt and what area of the store they went to first. By observing little details, the salesperson was then able to up-sell and increase their sales but suggesting additional purchases. Shopping was personal and face-to-face.

Times have changed. An estimated $347M US will be spent online in 2015, and $76.4M of that will be made through handheld devices. With purchasing being made with a keystroke and a click instead of face to face interactions, personalized e-commerce and web personalization becomes essential for businesses who want to survive in the new realm of e-commerce.

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5 E-Commerce CRO Best Practices That Are Flat Out Wrong

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

Imitation may be a form of flattery, but it isn’t always the best business approach. This is especially true when dealing with traffic to your website. Taking advantage of industry CRO best practices can reduce your learning curve and help you to maximize your conversion rate optimization strategy

However, you also need to realize that just because a CRO trend is all the rage, it may not be the right fit for your business model. You can spend a great deal of time and energy chasing e-commerce with the wrong CRO strategy that winds up doing more harm than good. Here are some tips to maximize your CRO strategy.

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Scientifically accurate e-commerce A/B testing

5 Tips for Scientifically Accurate E-Commerce A/B Testing

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

A/B testing is a critically important part of your conversion optimization strategy, but simply running tests just isn’t enough. Marketers need to make sure they’re running the right tests, and that they’re scientifically accurate so the results can be relied upon to drive real change, backed by solid data.

Here are five things you can do to ensure that every A/B test is accurate, meaningful, and produces results.

1. Test Entirely Different Variations

This is a must regardless of whether you are testing offers, headlines, or copy. Sometimes small changes generate big results. Other times, this does nothing to move the needle.

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11 AB Tests for Super Converting Email Campaigns

11 A/B Tests for Super Converting Email Campaigns

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

Email campaigns can be an effective tool to target customers and attract new and repeat business. Carpet bombing your subscriber list with email blasts may be a quick solution, but will not lead to a positive email CRO.
In order to maximize your email optimization, here are 11 A/B tests that you can run to verify your results and generate the best ROI.

1. A/B Test Email Subject Line Variations

Emails with no subject line are the domain of spammers, and are a one-way trip to the recycle bin and spam filter. Make it easy for your customers–tell them why you’re writing to them.

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Grow your email list with website personalization

3 E-Commerce Personalization Tips to Help You Grow Your Email List by 300%

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

Email marketing has been around almost as long as the Internet itself, but it’s not dead yet (despite many declaring it so over the last several years). In fact, email is still widely considered one of the most effective marketing tactics — if not the most effective — around.

Even so, many marketers feel that email has become a bit stale. How can you breathe new life into your email campaigns?

Tapping into the power of e-commerce personalization is an incredibly effective way of growing your email list, not only in the number of new signups, but also as measured by the quality of your subscribers.

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Holiday e-commerce shopping

7 Effective CRO Tips You Didn’t Know You Could Implement This Quickly

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

You’re getting the right people to your site with your remarketing and you’re serving them a mobile-enhanced experience. Your email marketing campaigns integrate with your on-site offers, making redemption of email offers a fluid and seamless experience.

Now, seriously up your conversion optimization game just in the time for the holidays with these proven tactics:

1. Employ E-commerce CRO Best Practices

Make sure you have a solid foundation on which to build your enhanced CRO strategy. Use the Google Developers PageSpeed Insights Tool to check your load speed and identify opportunities to improve it. Optimize your site for simple navigation and to show off your top products. Build trust and credibility with available live chat, prominent contact information, visible policies and guarantees, etc. Use this article as a checklist to ensure your site is adherent with basic CRO best practices.

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Holiday e-commerce personalization

7 Can’t-Miss Website Personalizations for Your Best Holiday Season Yet

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

Over half of online marketers feel that the ability to personalize web content is fundamental to their online strategy, according to Adobe and eConsultancy research. Personalizing the experience you offer each site visitor by triggering messaging and offers based on their behavior is an incredibly compelling way to answer individual needs.

Use these 7 website personalizations to convince more of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday visitors to take action:

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Practical E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Holiday Shopping Season Success

By Omri Yacubovich | Head of Marketing @ Commerce Sciences

The lucrative holiday shopping season will be upon us soon, and for many online retailers it’s the difference between an okay fiscal year and a fantastic one. This year is shaping up to be the biggest since 2011, with sales expected to reach nearly $900 billion in the United States alone during the months of November and December.

Position Your Online Store for Success

You may have the greatest online experience in your industry, or perhaps you have the best products and the lowest prices. None of it does any good if your target audience doesn’t know you exist.

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